About us

Founded in 1999, Medtrade is a dynamic, independent, medical device developer and ISO 13485 certified manufacturer with a successful legacy of providing cutting edge advanced woundcare and consumer healthcare products to brand owners. Highly experienced and specialist teams with a wealth of knowledge in materials science, regulatory and quality requirements and manufacturing processes form the core of Medtrade success. Our success is built upon an enviable track record of quickly and efficiently supporting brand owners with key or flagship products in support of their strategic marketing objectives.

Celox   Foxseal

Medtrade are also the manufacturers of the innovative trauma haemostat Celox and the occlusive dressing Foxseal. To find out more click on the corresponding links.

How we work

We continuously develop new dressings and materials through to full FDA and CE certification. We work with clients to make sure our designs and size range meets their needs and provide a unique final product in the customers' branding. Depending on the situation, we can provide a finished product or take an idea through the development process.

Our proactive 'can do' attitude, combined with our speed to market has gained Medtrade many friends across the industry. We look forward to sharing our experience with you and the opportunity of supporting your future product requirements.

About Medtrade