Case Studies

Gelling Fibre

Aware of the markets need for an alternative gelling fibre dressing Medtrade developed a novel, patented, and effective technology capable of successfully competing in the market.

Medtrade managed the complex project and having obtained regulatory approval for both standard and antimicrobial versions was able to fast track it to commercialisation with a client for marketing under their own brand.

The Aquanova™ technology is only the third gelling fibre product to be commercialised, endorsing Medtrades position of working on the cutting edge of advanced wound care technology.

Spray Plaster

Having identified a market need we proactively developed a novel, convenient and cost effective sprayable bandage.

With a regulatory approved product we were able to meet the strategic requirements of both European and United States brand owners in being able to deliver finished product on their shelves within 6 months of receiving their brief.

All Medtrades product launches are managed by a cross function teams made up of members from both Medtrade and the client to ensure the projects are delivered on time and within budget.

Foam Dressings

As part of our continuous improvement programme we developed Avarus™, an advanced dressing which displays greater absorbency and retention under compression than standard foam dressings. Avarus forms part of the new breed of highly absorbing multi laminate dressings which is helping improve patient comfort, clinical outcome and costs.

Combining advanced fluid management with our advanced silicone adhesive technology enables our clients to compete successfully in a competative market.

Case Studies