NEW! Superabsorbent dressings

With a perforated silicone adhesive face and a superabsorbent core,Medtrade's new superabsorbent dressings are capable of managing high levels of wound exudate whilst helping to minimise the discomfort of dressing changes. Novel fenestration of the superabsorbent core increases the dressing's flexibility making it ideal for joints and articulated areas.


Cutting edge superabsorbent technology locks fluid into the dressing and "Smart wicking" minimises lateral wicking and periwound maceration. This maintains a moist wound environment whilst giving excellent absorption and retention, even under compression. Our choice of materials provide a high Moisture Vapour Transmission Rate which together with smart fluid management helps minimise dressing changes and keeps costs under control.

With a discreet profile, high fluid handling capability and a choice of standard acrylic or high performance silicone adhesive our patient and clinician friendly dressings offer an effective treatment option to cost conscious care providers.

Medtrade Super Absorents