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Medtrade is a global medical device company based in the UK providing  R&D, advanced manufacturing, regulatory and marketing to provide an unparalleled and full service  support for  distribution partners across the world.

We dedicate ourselves to saving and improving people’s lives by tackling the global biofilm challenge, support the healing of chronic wounds and stop bleeding through continual product innovation using patented and evidence-based technologies

Wound Care

Medtrade provides a broad range of market leading patented, innovative wound management solutions as a private label or under the Medtrade AVARUS™ brand. We provide technical, research, regulatory, supply chain and commercial support to help our partners grow and develop their business.



Medtrade is a world-leading product innovator, developer and manufacturer of the Celox™ product range. We are committed to finding the fastest and most effective ways to stop bleeding, seal wounds and control infection in burn injuries - providing military medics, and tactical and civilian emergency responders the very best chance of saving a life, when faced with the unthinkable.



OMNI-STAT® and Celox™ are powerful hemostatic agents for medical professionals designed to stop difficult to control bleeding on a broad variety of wounds in a diverse patient population. Hemostatic agents can be used for various applications across the hospital.



Medtrade has a dedicated and focused product innovation team committed to finding solutions for global health challenges such as biofilm, treatment of chronic wounds, pressure injuries, infection prevention and bleeding control


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Posted: 8th Jul 2022 | Medtrade News

CEO Russ Mably on Business Brunch with Des Muchin, Cat Radio

Russ Mably, the CEO of Medtrade and partner company Celox Medical, attended an interview on Cat Radio to proudly discuss...

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