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Posted: 16th Sep 2021 | Medtrade News

Medtrade awarded innovation grant to develop next generation haemostatic technology

Medtrade Products Ltd are proud to announce the successful award of an innovation and research project from the Medical Technology...

Posted: 7th Nov 2020 | Medtrade News

Fourteen Years of CELOX™

Happy birthday CELOX™!  It is now fourteen years since CELOX™ received its first FDA clearance and made the first sale...

Posted: 6th Aug 2020 | Medtrade News

New Clinical Evidence for OMNI-STAT®

Management of postoperative bleeding in surgically debrided wounds: topical haemostat versus electrocautery  New Clinical Evidence – We are pleased...

Posted: 10th Jan 2020 | Medtrade News

Omni-Stat Medical Inc launches Hemostatic Gauze

Omni stat medical Inc Launches New Hemostatic Gauze –   Omni-stat Medical Inc Launches NEW Hemostatic Gauze In an ongoing...

Posted: 6th Jan 2020 | Medtrade News

Introducing the OMNI-STAT®3g Packaging Design

Introducing the 3g Package Design Our unique chitosan based hemostatic granules not only have a new look, but Omni-stat...

Posted: 9th Jul 2019 | Medtrade News

Omni-stat Medical Inc launches hemostat comprised of their proprietary chitosan technology and proven on the battlefield to the US hospital market

Omni-stat Medical Inc Launches hemostat Omni-stat Medical Inc was established in 2018 to provide a solution to bleeding control...

Posted: 1st Jun 2019 | Medtrade News

Medtrade launches Silicone Wound Contact Layer (SWCL)

Designed for ease of application and help minimise pain at dressing change for patients, Medtrade’s double sided silicone wound contact...

Posted: 3rd Feb 2019 | Medtrade News

Exploring Military Trauma in the Iraq War

Exploring military trauma in the Iraq war The conflict in Iraq, that began in 2003 and ran until 2011, is...

Posted: 12th Jun 2018 | Medtrade News

Veteran Races Ahead with Rapid Support

Veteran races ahead with Rapid support CELOX™ sponsored race driver leads pack into next round of the 2018 Armed Forces...

Posted: 9th Mar 2018 | Medtrade News

Medtrade launches 1ml No Sting Skin Protectant Foam Wipe

A 1ml foam pad wipe joins Medtrade’s established 1ml and 3ml foam tipped skin protectant applicator range. Delivering 50% more...

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