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Fourteen Years of CELOX™

Happy birthday CELOX™!  It is now fourteen years since CELOX™ received its first FDA clearance and made the first sale in the US.  Since then we have developed several new products, most recently CELOX™ RAPID Gauze, however all of the CELOX™ hemostatic products use the same granules that were first applied in 2006.   We’ve had some significant milestones along the way:

2006 – First sale of CELOX™.

2008 – The first significant independent laboratory test of CELOX™ stopping bleeding in a major injury. CELOX™ is the only product to improve survival to 100%.

2010 – CELOX™ Gauze launched.

2010 – CELOX™-A Applicator launched  

2012 – FOXSEAL chest seal launched.

2013 – CELOX™ Gauze demonstrated the highest rate of survival at 90%, in independent clinical study.

2013 – Medtrade launches CELOX™ Rapid – The fastest acting battlefield haemostat

2014 – CoTCCC publishes recommendations including CELOX™ Gauze for the first time.

2015 – White House launches Stop the Bleed campaign to save lives

2015 – European Resuscitation Guidelines for Life Threatening Bleeding

2016 – CELOX™ Gauze and CELOX™ Rapid Gauze in transit and prolonged field care

2017 – Where did CELOX™ come from?

2017 – CELOX™ Rapid at the Tour de France

2018 – UK MOD selects CELOX™ Rapid haemostatic gauze for all branches of the UK military

2018 – Veteran races ahead with rapid support

2019 – Data from the UK ministry of defence highlight CELOX™ with the most notable improvement in survival

The evolution of CELOX™ continues.

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