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New Clinical Evidence for OMNI-STAT®

Management of postoperative bleeding in surgically debrided wounds: topical haemostat versus electrocautery 

New Clinical Evidence –

We are pleased to announce that new evidence supporting the use of our hemostatic granules in wound debridement has been published by the Journal of Wound Care. Journal articles are rigorously peer-reviewed by an international panel of experts and we are thrilled this article was accepted for publication. The publication was lead by wound care experts from The Wound Treatment Center, LLC at Opelousas General Health in Lafayette, LA which demonstrates the effectiveness of OMNI-STAT in achieving hemostasis while also saving time and thus offers potential for increased cost-effectiveness, relative to electrocautery.

This study found that the temporary topical haemostat was equally as effective as cauterisation in achieving haemostasis. In addition, significant saving in OR time was demonstrated relative to electrocautery. The improved OR times may translate into increased cost-effectiveness, relative to electrocautery, by increasing the number of surgical cases per day and/or using resources more effectively to treat more patients. It may also enable bleeding control in the outpatient clinic or at the bedside, freeing up costly OR time and enabling more effective management of healthcare resources. 

You can find the full publication in the Journal of Wound Care here:

New Clinical Evidence –

Kerry T Thibodeaux, Marcus S Speyrer, Ryan P Thibodeaux, Alan A Rogers and Mark G Rippon

Journal of Wound Care VOL. 29,NO.8 444-451 – Published on line August 17th 2020


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