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Introducing the OMNI-STAT®3g Packaging Design

Introducing the 3g Package Design

Our unique chitosan based hemostatic granules not only have a new look, but Omni-stat Medical Inc has also developed new packaging to support the needs of healthcare professionals.

Proper aseptic technique is a priority and is essential to reducing infection in a surgical setting.  Organizations like the Association of Operating Room Nurses (AORN) publish evidence-based guidelines like “Recommended Practices for Maintaining a Sterile Field” that promote safety and aim to keep patients safe. These guidelines are strictly adhered to in a surgical setting.  As Omni-stat Medical Inc works to take their clinically proven chitosan-based hemostatic agents from the battlefield to the operating room, we are committed to providing products and packaging to meet the needs of the hospitals, clinics and surgical centers we serve.  

OMNI-STAT® is approved for use under the supervision of a healthcare professional as a temporary topical dressing for bleeding control associated with minor wounds, including control of minor external bleeding and exudate from sutures and/or surgical procedures.  It is also indicated for temporary external treatment for controlling moderate to severe bleeding.  

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